Millions of new graduates are getting out of the university and joining the job finding competition. Most of them are not as lucky as they have not graduated from well known universities. They deal with no idea of having a career path, they don’t have any job interview experiences so they have anxiety even if they are trying to get a job as an intern.

But now there is a solution for them and which provides a new income solution for human resources professionals “ – Online Video Career Consultancy”.

The platform is a online video consultancy marketplace with an integrated payment system so there are two sides, millions of people in need of career consultancy and human resources professionals who can provide this solution to them.

As a human resources professional you sign in to the platform, fill in a few details (most the details are automatically filled with Linkedin login, so you don’t have to rewrite all the boring stuff again) and add your average hourly rate in $ that you can change it for each interview.

Now you have a profile page, where people who needs consultancy can directly check your page, schedule an interview with you. You can also charge less or more with people for different inquiries.

Career consultancy inquiries can be such as ; Job interview simulations (that the new grads don’t feel ready or they are sure that there will be tricky questions waiting them), where to start from for the career they want even for seniors who deserve a raise and don’t know how to ask it, or changing industries after a while, outsourcing team building or development…

You can also embed your profile page to any website so that you can direct people to the web site you deserve to have an online consultancy session.

The system works as pay first then get the service, payment is held secure with the ProInterview gateway so that after the both parties point out the session is successful, payment is done.

When we look through this new opportunity, you can work from anywhere, anytime and you can earn as much as you work online, no boundries.

So what keeps you waiting, sign-in and start consulting.